fredag 29 september 2017

A new header and upcoming plans

My new header is now up and running!

I give my thanks to my younger brother who helped me make this!

As for my plans, I have been pondering on a INQ28 warband... in a 30K setting!
Before I start diving in to this project, I think I want to write a scenario setting which can be used to create warbands, as I was quite inspired by the Tor Megiddo setting.

Hopefully I can pull something off, but in the meantime I'll be trying to paint or finish build one of my other warbands.

onsdag 27 september 2017

Inquisitorial Retinue 1.1

I finally got around to do the bases on my retinue, they may be plain and simple, but I think they give a LOT of effect.

Sadly, some of the models got frost down at the bases from the seal, but I can fix that in the future, just hoping it won't get worse in time.

Do-over: Bases

When I made my Inquisitorial retinue, I had Shadow War Armageddon and Necromunda in mind, and wanted to be able to pitch them against my own Scavvies to have introduction games with friends, so I based them like I had based my Scavvies.

I like my grey bases on the Scavvies, but on the retinue? Not so much. So this morning I played around with the Servitor's base, and this is how it ended up, and I like it.

Soon I will be re-doing the bases on the rest, but first, work will have to intercept.

måndag 25 september 2017

Mordheim Warbands

As I talked a bit about Mordheim, I got around taking pictures of all my old warbands, and thought I'd share some group pictures of them with you all.

Marienburg Mercenaries

Dwarf Treasure Hunters

Cult themed Cult of the Possessed

Clan Eshin heroes

Clan Pestilens heroes

Skaven henchmen

Orcs and Goblins

Monster themed Cult of the Possessed

Witch Hunters

Skaven Hired Swords

Various Hired Swords

The City of the Damned...

Today I am going to talk a bit about my outmost favourite game, Mordheim.

For those who don't know, Mordheim is a Fantasy Skirmish Game set in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, the game was designed by Alessio Cavatore, Tuomas Pirinen and Rick Priestley, and published by Games Workshop. (Thank you guys for this AMAZING game!)

With this little intro video from the PC Game, Mordheim: City of the damned, I'm going into what the game means for me.

First of all, from a gaming perspective the game is challenging, because of the high-risk high-reward system. If your warriors are hurt in battle, they might get permanent injuries or worse, death. Mostly your warriors survive the skirmishes on the streets to fight another day, and gain experience after each game and grows stronger with skills and better statlines.

The skill system is a great addition to the game, and gives you the chance to go more in depth with your characters. Is he a fencer? Then perhaps the skill expert swordsman would suit him! Is he quick and nimble? Then the sprint and acrobatics might be your thing. The freedom of picking skills in the skills lists are great if you want to add a little more oomph to your hero, or if you like me, want the hero to evolve throughout a story, pick something that works with the theme of the campaign, the recent events and the hero's background.

Mordheim, the city of the damned

The game is fantastic too when it comes to being able to tell a narrative. The narrative is like aliving thing in the game, it takes place on and off the gaming table, with your warbands as the stars. With all the various warbands in the city, you are bound to find one that suits you, or you just make up your own story, your own reason to be in the city other than treasure hunting and political games.

Sticking to the spirit of the game is very important to me, and I try to send that message to everyone when we have a Mordheim campaign, but what is the spirit of the game? Well, to me and many other Mordheimers, it is not about winning and losing, it is the journey, the tales that are to be told afterwards. Instead of talking about good tactical choices and good rolls after the games, we talk about the events that took place for individuals in the game, their feelings in the heat of the battle, the stuff of legends! Seeing each game as a scene from a movie just makes it WAY better!

Cornered rats!

From a modelling perspective, this game is great too, as you can customize your warriors with weapons, armour and miscelanious gear. Equipment can tell a story about the character's past, but they can also give you great modelling opportunities! Every weapon have its own set of rules, and it gives variety to the game as well as the models that carry them.

This also opens up something I really like, kit-bashing. I love a good kit-bash, looting through my bitz box to find suiting things for my warbands when I build them. I can't say I plan my builds or my initial warbands, I let the minis do the talking.

A merry band of Marienburger merchants

What the game of Mordheim also give you, is the possibilities of beautiful terrain. My gaming table is something I cherish, and worth every penny I spent on it. There are cheaper ways to get your hands on terrain other than commission it, there are really good MDF ruins from companies nowadays, or model companies selling ruins made in resin. If you are handy, you can build your own terrain using various materials to reach your goal.

Even though I use the same set of ruins, each gaming table can look all different than from before, just shifting some building around or turning them in another way. Some even have modular tables
where you can change the directions of roads or add platforms to them.

The terrain also gives you a real 3D feel, as you can climb onto building and enter houses and ruins (depending on how they are modelled of course), so you can position your warriors with bows in elevated positions behind cover, giving covering fire to your advancing warriors, or you can skulk in the shadows, hiding behind rubble, boxes and barrels, waiting for the right opportunity to strike your enemy from behind.

A marksman aiming for cultists on the streets

I think I have been raving on enough for tonight, thanks for your time!

The art of trading...

I have plenty of project I need to take to the brush, but some I need to finish building before I get around for that, this is one of those warbands with a lot of WIPs.

This warband focuses on a Rogue Trader and his crew. I imagine himbeing fairly loyal to the throne, but to earn that little extra, he trade in Xenos cultivated plants, be it xenos grains that are easier to handle, quicker to grow and give more produce, or be it rare extravagant and outlandish flowers, or even plants used for making drugs.

This far I have built trusty Navigator, Seneschal and a Xenos companion, whom is the expert in plants, and an Arch Militant, a former veteran of the Imperial Guard gone rogue, and joined up with the Rogue Trader to lend her prowess in combat and to act as a bodyguard.

I imagine that this Xenos (whom I have yet to find a name for the race) is a botanist, and has unvaluable knowledge of most of the plant life in the galaxy. The rest of the crew do not really agree on having a xenos tag along, but the profit it has helped them gain is worth the trouble.

I wanted to give the Navigator something to make him stand out, so apart from the jewel eye plate to cover his eye, he have a cyber parrot.

To successfully trade, he use his walking greenhouse, and w ithin it he keeps his precious cargo to visit the potential buyers.

Hopefully, I get to finish these guys sometime and write a scenario for a meetup to sell his wares, hoping he won't be doublecrossed!

Rogue Trader

Walking greenhouse

Xenos botanist

No, this is not a plant based life form
A converter built for the Xenos to be able to breathe on the Rogue Trader's behalf

Navigator with Cyber Parrot

Arch Militant


söndag 24 september 2017

Ave Dominus Nox...

I always wanted to make a warband either led by a Heretic Astartes or incorporating one as a bodyguard, but the current range of miniatures doesn't appeal to me when it comes to size... Until I realised I could convert one out of a Primaris Space Marine!

And so, Zarthek was born!

Zarthek, being an Aspiring champion of chaos who lead raids from his Soulcage-class Slaveship in the wake of larger chaos fleets, collecting slaves from Imperial worlds to use as currency, trading with other warbands within the eye, although he wants to rise more in power. Now he have broken away from the fleet temporarily to find his way to glory within the Eye.
To steer his ship throughout the turbulences of the warp, he has brought his fell navigator, Xavian, whom have fallen far into chaos worship, and is all but truly insane from all the warp horrors he has seen during his travels in the immaterium, steering the ship.

Zarthek often finds recruits within the masses of slaves, those weak of mind who succumbs to chaos, or those who have rebellious hearts against the Imperium, often side with him, Leo was such an individual. Leo is a twist, a mutant who was living within the imperial society, doing heavy labor in the sewers of the hive he came from. With hate burning hot in his heart, he rose in the hierarchy within the slave masses, until he reached the top through brutal cunning and bloody violence.
Zarthek offered Leo a place on the ship as an enforcer and slave-master, whom keeps the slaves in check, but also one who can find military recruits within the slave masses on the ship.

To find what Zarthek wants, they need to bring along dregs whom can do the heavy work as well as soak bullets if needed.
Aspiring Champion, Zarthek "Skinflayer"

Chaos Navigator, Xavian

Mutie/Twist/Mutant, Leo
Mutant scum

Mutant scum


Mutant scum


The map to desires...

I toyed around with the idea of an Eldar Corsair Prince, swashbuckling his way through the galaxy to find riches of old!

In his hand, he holds an ever changing map of the webway, always leading him throughout the labyrinthine passageways towards what he most desires.

Along with him, he has a Void Dreamer, whom was a former Warlock, but left the path during his training, and now pursues to control his psychic powers on his own. Lacking the knowledge of how to protect himself from "she who thirsts" properly, he latches on to any talisman or rune of power than can help him from her clutches.

Corsair Prince, Captain Nim'Zael Rogueheart

Void Dreamer, Anthellós Runethief

The Deathwatch

Some time ago, during the first release of the Primaris Space Marine pictures, I decided to get my hands on some to use for art-scale Space Marines to use in Skirmish games.

Once the Dark Imperium box was released I bought one, and started converting immediately.

This is how it turned out, and I added a Guardsman Vetetan for scale.
Bartholomeus, Amadeus and Ullános

The scale is just like in the artwork!

A Dark Path begins...

Lately, I have been painting some Nurgle stuff, mainly for use in the Age of Sigmar expansion, Path to Glory.

I also plan to have some more individualistic miniatures to accompany the heroes I build for PtG, a small warband whom followed the rise of their lord to power from the very beginning.

So far I have only painted a couple of miniatures, but these are the finished ones, more will come as soon as I get the chance to get pictures of them.

Lord of Plagues, Smutslort the Desecrator

Rotbringers Sorcerer, Hostsnor Pusboiler

Horticulous Slimux

Necromunda: Revival

With the news about the tabletop game Necromunda coming back again, I got filled with joy, and got around to get my Necromunda Warband back from the box where they have been hiding lately.

These are my scavvies, mutants and low-life scum hiding deep in the great underhive of Necromunda.

I really wanted the "low-life" look on my scavvies, a really ragged and worn look, so I turned my eyes mainly towards the Chaos Cultist models for this project.
Using bits and pieces from the corpse cart and crypt ghouls really helped me out as well to get what I needed to bring this to life. I even used the Wightking body to create my Scavvy Boss, "Scrap-King Melvin".

Some missing limbs and pale skin shows their hard life-style in the lower parts of the underhive, each minute a struggle of survival both against the enviroment AND amongst themselves.

The Scalies that I built were inspired by the Goombas from the old Super Mario Bros live action movie, basing them on the Nob kit for a broader body.
Scavvy Boss