måndag 1 juli 2019

The Parade of Parody

It has been a very long time since I posted anything here, but I have not been idle! I’ve been working on numerous projects and models, and this project fits perfectly on here.

I recently pretty much finished my latest Mordheim project “The Parade of Parody”, which is my tribute to Mordheim, building models inspired by or based on artwork from the rulebook.

I’m bringing these to Helsinki to participate in the event “Mordheim 2019” hosted by Alexander Winberg over at https://echoesofimperium.blog/

Time is closing in to the event, it’s within 2 weeks as I write this, and I’m super thrilled! Mordheim has always been my favourite game since it blends role playing and miniature gaming in a way that suits me perfectly, and the approach to the game with individuals are perfect for conversions!

Anyways, the warband that I now present here is a group of individuals whom are on the brink of insanity, barely holding on to themselves. They have been haunted by visions in their dreams of a child called “the moonchild”, whom they believe is Sigmar reborn through a union between Sigmar and Morrslieb, now born into a mortal vessel so that he can lead the Empire into greatness once more, and especially now as the Vampire wars are plaguing the lands. This Parade welcome all kinds of types into their Parade, even walking talking Swine!

söndag 14 oktober 2018

The Hunt

The time has come for a Battle Report, this is tha start of a campaign between me and my brother, where my Witch Hunters will be hunting his warband for asociating with a Warlock.

I hope you'll like it even though it's long!

Scenario: Surprise Attack.
Players: Jimmy Henriksson and Oskar Henriksson
Warbands: Witch Hunters vs Reikland Mercenaries
Setting: Mordheim

Luther Steinhardt, a nutorious Witch Hunter Captain have been tracking a Warlock in the areas of Mordheim, one known for heinous crimes in the laws of the Empire and is a heretic in the name of Sigmar.

The Warlock Mon-Gho knows he is followed by the Templars of Sigmar, and hired himself to the band of Reiklanders Mercenaries of Markus Kruber in an attempt to protect himself in hope that the Witch Hunters wouldn’t attempt to reach him when he’s around warriors from the Reik, but the Templars see those who associate with Witches and Warlocks as much of traitorous heretics as the spellcasters themselves, and are about to launch an attack!

"The Bane of the Faithless"

"Kruber's Looters"

The Reiklanders were able to deploy all models but Henrich the Champion and Mon-Gho the Warlock, and the Witch Hunters all came on from the edge in the previous picture, splitting them up in 3 groups, and the Reiklanders were spread around the table, with all the marksmen up on high positions with good view on the battlefield.

Witch Hunters Turn 1:
The Witch Hunters went first, and Trevor sent his dogs onto young Carl, and "The Executioner" swung his axe high in an attempt to fell young Lars by charging him. Every other member of the Witch Hunter warband advanced forward to grab new and fresh heretics to punish.

The following combat for Carl against the Wardogs,  Adolph and Krüger was short and brutal, and Carl was out of action. Lars was luckier, and knocked down the huge brute who was about to sentence him to death!

"Sick him boys!" - Trevor

"Your sentence is...death..." - Luthor

"By Ranald's teeth! That was a close one!" - Lars

"In the name of Sigmar, REPENT!" - Victor

Reiklanders Turn 1:
Markus Kruber swiftly came to the aid of Lars, and charged the knocked down "Executioner".
Mathias aimed his crossbow towards the pilgrim but missed his target.

Meanwhile the Reik-Hunter aimed his bow at the Warrior Priest Victor, but the arrow struck close to his feet and missed his target.

In the following combat, Kruber's halberd didn't even do a scratch, but Lars, whom may be young, struck true with his blade and took the Executioner out of action.

"Don't worry lad, Kruber's here!" *swings and barely leaves a scratch* - Kruber

"Let me try!" *stab* - Lars

The Staredown begins

Mathias finds himself surrounded

Witch Hunters Turn 2:
Elizabeth charged the youngblood Lars, and Luthor threw insults at Kruber, asking where the Warlock was, but he returned the question by spitting at him, and Luther rised his pistol and shot, which hit his target, but didn't leave a scratch.

Richter fired his crossbow at one of the Reik-Marksmen, but struck the wall infront of the Marksman instead.

Victor, along with the remaining Pilgrims had advanced further, and the Wardogs were now besides them, and Mathias was surrounded by religious fanatics and drooling warhounds.

One of the Pilgrims had charged Mathias, flailing his mace high, but missed his attacks and Mathias sliced him down using his double handed sword.

As Elizabeth entered combat, she quickly fired her crossbowpistol, and struck a miraculous hit, which stunned Lars and was later taken out of action by her axe.

Reiklanders Turn 2:
Mon-Gho and Henrich entered the small square, ready to ambush Luthor and help Kruber.

Kruber himself charged towards Luthor, but Elizabeth stepped in to intercept the charge.

One of the Reik-Marksmen fired his crossbow at one of the Pilgrims, and stunned him with a critical hit which ricoched into the Flagellant behind him, felling both of them writhing in pain.

In combat, Elizabeth fired her pistol again, and hit her target with miraculous luck, but failed to do any damage, and Kruber struck her down and stunned her.

"BURN THE WITCH!" - Luthor

One shot, two almost down.

"Don't get in my WAY lass!" - Kruber

Witch Hunters Turn 3:
Victor and the remaining standing Pilgrim charged Mathias, while Luthor charged Kruber, seeking revenge for what he did to Elizabeth.

As Mon-Gho entered, Richter switched position so he could see the newcomers, and readied his crossbow.

Victor swung his hammer like a Comet at Mathias as the Pilgrim missed his attacks, but alas did nothing, and Mathias swung his greatsword against Victor and knocked him down.

Luthor fired both his pistols, one whom strikes true and knocks Kruber down.

"You are mine!" - Luthor

"Steady..." - Richter

Reiklanders Turn 3:
The Reik-Hunter and Reik-Marksmen fires their weapons towards the raving religious fanatics, but no bolt or arrow strikes its target.

Mon-Gho attempts to summon a flaming sword, but fails.

The Pilgrim strikes Mathias in the head with his mace, and stunns him.

As Kruber rises to his feet, Luther draws his sword and stabs him, taking him out of action.

Knocked and Stunned warriors are spread around on the streets

"Ranald be with me..." - Gottfried, Reik-Marksman

Witch Hunters Turn 4:
Luthor seathes his sword and readies his pistol before charging into Mon-Gho, his query is finally within his grasp, but Henrich steps in to intercept!

Victor rises up and tells the Pilgrims and "The Twin-Tailed Comet" to advance, this heretic was at the steps of Sigmar's church and was at his mercy... which he was short on. His hammer struck true and Mathias was taken out of action.

While in combat, Luthor fires both pistols, one misses and the other doesn't go off at all, Henrich strikes back but fails to do anything with his attacks.

Justice is done before the church of Sigmar

Adolph and Krüger runs along by the orders of their master

Reiklanders turn 4:
Mon-Gho utters foul syllables and summons a great flaming sword.
The Reik-Hunter advances and fires an arrow at Trevor, but misses his target completely, but the Reik-Marksmen tries to do the same, but no bolt hits Trevor, whom is blessed by Sigmar indeed!

In combat, Luthor draws his sword once again, but is parried by Henrich's blade and he counters, but no blow strikes home.

Trevor, blessed by Sigmar (or Ranald if you'd ask anyone else)

Witch Hunters Turn 5:
Elizabeth, finally up on her feet, sees their query and charges towards Mon-Gho.

Trevor Fires his pistol back at the Reik-Hunter, adding too much black powder... KA-BOOM! It fires of the bullet in a great blast, hitting the Hunter, but leaves nothing but a small scratch on his thigh.

Elizabeth fails to his Mon-Gho with her crossbow pistol onher way charging towards him, but strikes with her axe and dagger and hits him, but fails to do anything with the axe, but the dagger strikes into his torso, but he is saved by it getting stuck in his robes. He counters by swinging his flaming sword, but she managed to avoid it.

Luthor kept swinging his sord at Henrich, finally knocking him down with the butt of his sword.


Luthor is so close to his prey, but yet so far away. Hopefully his daughter can take him down

Reiklanders turn 5:
With their forces heavily depleted, Mon-Gho urges Henrich to flee, and he agrees as the Warlock is worth more to the Reiklanders alive than dead, and the Reiklanders voluntarily routs.

Post Battle Sequence

Witch Hunter casulties:
"The Executioner" - Survives
Pilgrim/Zealot - Dead

Reiklander casulties:
Carl - Blinded in one eye (right)
Lars - Full Recovery
Mathias - Multiple injuries (2); Chest Wound and Full Recovery
Kruber - Hardened

Level ups

Witch Hunters:
Victor - +1 Toughness

Lars - +1 Initiative


Reiklanders: 1 shard
Sold the shard for 35gc and used 15gc to pay Mon-Gho.

Witch Hunters: 4 shards
Sold 3 for 60gc, found a coin purse in an overturned cart with 7gc.
Bought a mace for Richter, Light Armour for both Elizabeth and Victor.
Recruited a new Zealot for the Pilgrims.

tisdag 9 oktober 2018

The bane of the Faithless

Finally I finished painting my Witch Hunters, and I can barely wait to try them out! 

I’m planning on doing anarrative battle report with them once I get the chance.

They have been a fun project to paint, and what’s left is their Hired Swords.

Enjoy the pictures!

tisdag 11 september 2018

The crazed and the faithful

I recently found some more time to paint, so I chose to continue on some Witch Hunter Henchmen through batch painting them. 

I’m really happy with how they turned out, but I was concerned when I started painting that they would be too “bright”, but the grittier they became I started to like them more and more. I also like how I managed to make the armour pieces from the Cawdor kit that they have here and there (the lined pieces similar to the Genestealer Cult armour pieces) to look like paper.

Once I start painting the Wardogs all my henchmen are complete, and I can start painting my heroes one by one, which I’m really looking forward to!

The Pilgrims

The Twin-Tailed Comet

The group so far