söndag 24 september 2017

The map to desires...

I toyed around with the idea of an Eldar Corsair Prince, swashbuckling his way through the galaxy to find riches of old!

In his hand, he holds an ever changing map of the webway, always leading him throughout the labyrinthine passageways towards what he most desires.

Along with him, he has a Void Dreamer, whom was a former Warlock, but left the path during his training, and now pursues to control his psychic powers on his own. Lacking the knowledge of how to protect himself from "she who thirsts" properly, he latches on to any talisman or rune of power than can help him from her clutches.

Corsair Prince, Captain Nim'Zael Rogueheart

Void Dreamer, Anthellós Runethief

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