måndag 25 september 2017

The art of trading...

I have plenty of project I need to take to the brush, but some I need to finish building before I get around for that, this is one of those warbands with a lot of WIPs.

This warband focuses on a Rogue Trader and his crew. I imagine himbeing fairly loyal to the throne, but to earn that little extra, he trade in Xenos cultivated plants, be it xenos grains that are easier to handle, quicker to grow and give more produce, or be it rare extravagant and outlandish flowers, or even plants used for making drugs.

This far I have built trusty Navigator, Seneschal and a Xenos companion, whom is the expert in plants, and an Arch Militant, a former veteran of the Imperial Guard gone rogue, and joined up with the Rogue Trader to lend her prowess in combat and to act as a bodyguard.

I imagine that this Xenos (whom I have yet to find a name for the race) is a botanist, and has unvaluable knowledge of most of the plant life in the galaxy. The rest of the crew do not really agree on having a xenos tag along, but the profit it has helped them gain is worth the trouble.

I wanted to give the Navigator something to make him stand out, so apart from the jewel eye plate to cover his eye, he have a cyber parrot.

To successfully trade, he use his walking greenhouse, and w ithin it he keeps his precious cargo to visit the potential buyers.

Hopefully, I get to finish these guys sometime and write a scenario for a meetup to sell his wares, hoping he won't be doublecrossed!

Rogue Trader

Walking greenhouse

Xenos botanist

No, this is not a plant based life form
A converter built for the Xenos to be able to breathe on the Rogue Trader's behalf

Navigator with Cyber Parrot

Arch Militant


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