söndag 24 september 2017

Ave Dominus Nox...

I always wanted to make a warband either led by a Heretic Astartes or incorporating one as a bodyguard, but the current range of miniatures doesn't appeal to me when it comes to size... Until I realised I could convert one out of a Primaris Space Marine!

And so, Zarthek was born!

Zarthek, being an Aspiring champion of chaos who lead raids from his Soulcage-class Slaveship in the wake of larger chaos fleets, collecting slaves from Imperial worlds to use as currency, trading with other warbands within the eye, although he wants to rise more in power. Now he have broken away from the fleet temporarily to find his way to glory within the Eye.
To steer his ship throughout the turbulences of the warp, he has brought his fell navigator, Xavian, whom have fallen far into chaos worship, and is all but truly insane from all the warp horrors he has seen during his travels in the immaterium, steering the ship.

Zarthek often finds recruits within the masses of slaves, those weak of mind who succumbs to chaos, or those who have rebellious hearts against the Imperium, often side with him, Leo was such an individual. Leo is a twist, a mutant who was living within the imperial society, doing heavy labor in the sewers of the hive he came from. With hate burning hot in his heart, he rose in the hierarchy within the slave masses, until he reached the top through brutal cunning and bloody violence.
Zarthek offered Leo a place on the ship as an enforcer and slave-master, whom keeps the slaves in check, but also one who can find military recruits within the slave masses on the ship.

To find what Zarthek wants, they need to bring along dregs whom can do the heavy work as well as soak bullets if needed.
Aspiring Champion, Zarthek "Skinflayer"

Chaos Navigator, Xavian

Mutie/Twist/Mutant, Leo
Mutant scum

Mutant scum


Mutant scum


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