måndag 30 oktober 2017

From the Age of Darkness he cometh...

I finished painting my Chaos Navigator, and he will have dual use for me.

I imagine he started his career in the 3rd Legion, and stuck with them during the Horus Heresy, traveling along with the Emperor's Children, surviving throughout the war, fled with the legion during the scouring, and while the Legion Wars commenced within the Eye of Terror, he became spoils of war, and this is how his service eventually ended up with Zarthek.

Instead of painting gritty rust-punk I went with a scheme closer to my Emperor's Children as well as my Inquisitorial Warband (although I did not imitate their bases...), which means I won't paint my Chaos Warband just as gritty as my Rad-Raiders.

He will accompany my Emperor's Children when I play 30K, but his mainstay will be with Zarthek, looking for the mythical Chronos Oculus...

lördag 28 oktober 2017

Another from the rad-wasteland...

Greetings everyone!

Having life catching up along with 30K events sure hinder me from painting these fellas, but I managed to finish one more today, and here he is.

It was fun to paint him, and I started painting skin in a new way using washes, like wet-blending, and I'm happy with the results.

Having another Narrative 30K event to attend to next weekend will give me very little time painting, but I have no rush finishing these guys, I'm going to take my time.

onsdag 11 oktober 2017

The first step into the wastes

The first Rad-Raider is now finished, and I had fun painting him and trying out new ways to paint the skin, using really watered down washes, and multiple of them on different areas, kind of wet-blending them together.

I also used weathering powders in a way I haven't before, and I like the results actually, so I think I will be experimenting more with them in the future.
I hope to get some time to paint more of these fellas, but as it is I have 2 commission jobs (my last ones, then I'll be free forever!) due November, as well as some 30K minis for myself to a 30K event.

Stay tuned!

söndag 8 oktober 2017

Rad-Raiders conclusion

I got aruond finishing the rest of my Rad-Raiders recently, and here they are as a group.

A band of Rad-Raiders

I hope to get around painting them during this week, but we'll see how that goes as I yet haven't imagined how I want them gestalted in colours.

Time will tell!

Here are some lone images of the latest creations.

Raider Warlord

Raider Marksman


måndag 2 oktober 2017

Rad-Raiders continued

Yet another Rad-Raider is ready to join the fray!

A gang is slowly forming in my mind, and I'm planning to do the boss soon I think and a large mutated raider, more brawn than brain so to speak, growing in size from all the radiation he has been enduring, I hope I can visualise them within the sea of bitz at home.

söndag 1 oktober 2017


I recently started converting some new stuff again, and I'm making Rad-Raiders.

Radiation sick scum, raiding settlements and and caravans before retreating to their radioactive home.