måndag 1 juli 2019

The Parade of Parody

It has been a very long time since I posted anything here, but I have not been idle! I’ve been working on numerous projects and models, and this project fits perfectly on here.

I recently pretty much finished my latest Mordheim project “The Parade of Parody”, which is my tribute to Mordheim, building models inspired by or based on artwork from the rulebook.

I’m bringing these to Helsinki to participate in the event “Mordheim 2019” hosted by Alexander Winberg over at https://echoesofimperium.blog/

Time is closing in to the event, it’s within 2 weeks as I write this, and I’m super thrilled! Mordheim has always been my favourite game since it blends role playing and miniature gaming in a way that suits me perfectly, and the approach to the game with individuals are perfect for conversions!

Anyways, the warband that I now present here is a group of individuals whom are on the brink of insanity, barely holding on to themselves. They have been haunted by visions in their dreams of a child called “the moonchild”, whom they believe is Sigmar reborn through a union between Sigmar and Morrslieb, now born into a mortal vessel so that he can lead the Empire into greatness once more, and especially now as the Vampire wars are plaguing the lands. This Parade welcome all kinds of types into their Parade, even walking talking Swine!

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