onsdag 29 augusti 2018

Repent thy sins...

I recently started building some Witch Hunters for Mordheim as the new Cawdor box came out (lovely kit! Probably one of my favourites of all time!).

I wanted a slightly grim feeling to my warband, with great contrast between my Witch Hunter heroes and my fanatical henchmen followers, so the Cawdor kit was perfect for this project.

I went for pretty much classic Witch Hunter looks, coats and hats, but I was also inspired by some art pieces from the Mordheim rulebook, which helped me build my dog handler Witch Hunter and my Warrior Priest.

The warband will mainly be part of a Mordheim campaign I’m currently writing, “The dance of Geheimnisnacht”, where they will act as an NPC warband for the faction of the church (stay tuned for the Cult NPC warband!).

I have been playing a lot of the Mordheim PC Game too, which inspired me to build an Executioner, probably one of the most fun pieces I built for the warband, he will use the rules of a Flagellant for gaming purposes.

The Executioner was also the first model I painted, so I went for a pretty limited palette and went for saturated colours for a grimdark feeling.

I will also share the rest of the warband, in the usual black and white.

The full Warband

Luther Steinhardt - Witch Hunter Captain

Elizabeth Steinhardt - Witch Hunter

Richter Hassel - Witch Hunter

Trevor Rutter -Witch Hunter

Victor Garaz - Warrior Priest

The Pilgrims - Zealots

The Twin-tailed Comet - Flagellant

Krüger “one-eye” and Adolph - Wardogs

The Executioner - Flagellant

Stay tuned for more updates with the painting progress!

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