tisdag 16 januari 2018

NPC for the Nestorian Infestation

This is one of my contributions for the "Nestorian Infested Population", which is part of a INQ28 campaign called "The Nestorian Infestation" made by some bloggers I follow;


My first mini of an NPC for the nestorian infested population is in the works.

I still need to make something that holds the book on its back.

I plan to get 2-3 models of willing followers and 2-3 not so willing. This one will be part of the willing, a Servitor to a local preacher (not necessarily tied to the Ecclechiarchy) which will make it possible to read prayers and hymns to the sons and daughters with ties to the cult.

I thought a semi-sentient Servitor would be nice. The arm with the Genestealer cultist skull and the candles makes good and subtle ties to their beliefs, and a source of light so that reading is possible.

Here is a link for more information.


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