lördag 23 juni 2018

Barrow Kings - a Mordheim Warband

I recently finished writing a new experimental Mordheim warband, and with some help through the community I’m almost finished with the rules, all I need to do is play test them through a campaign, hoping that they aren’t underpowered or overpowered, I want them to be fun to play with and against.

The main idea with the warband is that tombs and barrows that have been desecrated, had their protective charms stolen or broken or the like, have their inhabitants resting uneasy, and are easily affected by dark magic.

During events such as Geheimnisnacht, when the green moon Morrsleib, made of pure wyrdstone, shines bright, the dark magic in such places can seep into the bones of the dead, and fill them with a parody of life, pulling the souls of the dead back to their bodies, walking the earth again.

There are other undead warbands in Mordheim, the “Undead” warband in the core rulebook led by a Vampire and his minions, another is the “Restless Dead” from the unofficial supplement “Bordertown Burning”, but both these warbands have living creatures in them, and the dead are animated with necromantic spells, I wanted something like a “natural phenomenon” if you could call it that, to have woken the dead.

Anyhow, once I’ve finished the layout in my rules PDF I will upload it and share it, meanwhile it is available on the Mordheim Facebook group.

måndag 11 juni 2018

Blast from the past: Mordheim Battle Report, Broken Contract

Scenario: Surprise Attack.
Players: Jimmy Henriksson and Emil Carlsson
Setting: Empire in Flames
The Story: 

Giovanni had traded with Jarl Bereolf many times, the chief of a very southern Norse village. Both had swindled the other countless times in the past 15 years, but the trading yet continued, for they were men of business deep down, and it was all within the written contract.

But today the very first strike was blown, Jarl Bereolf attacked Giovanni and his merry Marienburgers at the crossroads between Sigmar Haven and Cutthroat's Den after having recruited some muscle for another go to the cursed city of Mordheim.

The information that Bereolf had gained was that a rich merchant was heading through this crossroad, and set a trap. He had never in his life had any intentions to ever fight Giovanni, but it was too late now, the trap was sprung, and the attack initiated!

Giovanni eventually caught Bereolf's eyes glimpsing at him from the forest. Thus was the contract between MTG (Marienburg Trading Guild) and the Jarnbotir Clan ripped to shreds, they would never trade again. And with that, Giovanni and his men fled down the roads back to their camp...

tisdag 16 januari 2018

NPC for the Nestorian Infestation

This is one of my contributions for the "Nestorian Infested Population", which is part of a INQ28 campaign called "The Nestorian Infestation" made by some bloggers I follow;


My first mini of an NPC for the nestorian infested population is in the works.

I still need to make something that holds the book on its back.

I plan to get 2-3 models of willing followers and 2-3 not so willing. This one will be part of the willing, a Servitor to a local preacher (not necessarily tied to the Ecclechiarchy) which will make it possible to read prayers and hymns to the sons and daughters with ties to the cult.

I thought a semi-sentient Servitor would be nice. The arm with the Genestealer cultist skull and the candles makes good and subtle ties to their beliefs, and a source of light so that reading is possible.

Here is a link for more information.


söndag 10 december 2017

The first of "The Holograms" make their entrance

My Escher are finally finished! Now I can get some demo games up and running so I can try out the new system.

I based them loosely on the old cartoon "Jem and the Holograms", but I haven't covered all the characters just yet, but I will eventually.

tisdag 5 december 2017

"The Blunts" make their entrance!

I just finished painting my Goliaths known as "The Blunts", whom take blunt and old power tools to weaponise them when they can't be used for industrial work any longer.

Sadly, I haven't converted any Goliaths with power tool weapons (yet), but as I get my hands on another box of Goliaths I will convert some alternative guys to use, and I have an idea of using the Genestealer cult mining weapons as a Renderizer.

torsdag 30 november 2017

The Flamboyant house

More Necromunda! 

This time, a test mini for an Eacher.

I decided to paint the metals and armour the same as I paint my Goliaths, although I will be doing different hair colours on each member of the gang.

onsdag 29 november 2017

Return to the underhive...

I am thrilled with this nee edition of Necromunda, the minis are great, the terrain is fantastic and the rules are fun.

So I started painting a Goliath as a test model, and I'm liking the result.

I noticed that a tube from the arm got a bit of paint splatter on it from when I painted skin, which will be dealt with.

tisdag 7 november 2017

A warm welcome from the wastes!

Yet another raider finished, so I'm about halfway done with the warband now.

This fella is the most disfigured one in the company, carrying his hand flamer with glee along with some extra ammo so he can really set people aflame!

måndag 30 oktober 2017

From the Age of Darkness he cometh...

I finished painting my Chaos Navigator, and he will have dual use for me.

I imagine he started his career in the 3rd Legion, and stuck with them during the Horus Heresy, traveling along with the Emperor's Children, surviving throughout the war, fled with the legion during the scouring, and while the Legion Wars commenced within the Eye of Terror, he became spoils of war, and this is how his service eventually ended up with Zarthek.

Instead of painting gritty rust-punk I went with a scheme closer to my Emperor's Children as well as my Inquisitorial Warband (although I did not imitate their bases...), which means I won't paint my Chaos Warband just as gritty as my Rad-Raiders.

He will accompany my Emperor's Children when I play 30K, but his mainstay will be with Zarthek, looking for the mythical Chronos Oculus...

lördag 28 oktober 2017

Another from the rad-wasteland...

Greetings everyone!

Having life catching up along with 30K events sure hinder me from painting these fellas, but I managed to finish one more today, and here he is.

It was fun to paint him, and I started painting skin in a new way using washes, like wet-blending, and I'm happy with the results.

Having another Narrative 30K event to attend to next weekend will give me very little time painting, but I have no rush finishing these guys, I'm going to take my time.

onsdag 11 oktober 2017

The first step into the wastes

The first Rad-Raider is now finished, and I had fun painting him and trying out new ways to paint the skin, using really watered down washes, and multiple of them on different areas, kind of wet-blending them together.

I also used weathering powders in a way I haven't before, and I like the results actually, so I think I will be experimenting more with them in the future.
I hope to get some time to paint more of these fellas, but as it is I have 2 commission jobs (my last ones, then I'll be free forever!) due November, as well as some 30K minis for myself to a 30K event.

Stay tuned!